Academy Florist Collaboration



I did the prettiest collaboration with Academy Florists last month. Their work is always so inspiring, swoon worthy and an absolute pleasure to photograph, I really do feel the luckiest gal to be a part of this shoot.  Special thanks to Tessa and Heather for styling this, and making this shoot as awesome as possible!

Hope you enjoy xo

shot on a Contax 645 and Fuji 400proh film Winnipeg Weddings_0247 Winnipeg Weddings_0248 Winnipeg Weddings_0249 Winnipeg Weddings_0250 Winnipeg Weddings_0251 Winnipeg Weddings_0252 Winnipeg Weddings_0254 Winnipeg Weddings_0255 Winnipeg Weddings_0256 Winnipeg Weddings_0257 Winnipeg Weddings_0258 Winnipeg Weddings_0259 Winnipeg Weddings_0260 Winnipeg Weddings_0261 Winnipeg Weddings_0262 Winnipeg Weddings_0263 Winnipeg Weddings_0264 Winnipeg Weddings_0265 Winnipeg Weddings_0266